Statistics retrieving system and analysis

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Statistics retrieving system and analysis

This project aims to develop a statistics tool for the authors. (tutorials, aticles…) This project will be divided in different parts that will be described below.

Current situation

At the moment, the author of a tutorial/article does not have any feedback about the "success" of their content. There is no way for them to see if the tutorial has been read, which parts are the most read or where the reader seems to spend more time etc. However, all the tools (Google Analytics) are already implemented and running since day 1 of running the website.

Developpement needed

This project requires quite a lot of development in different area and will need several steps to be achieved.

1. Connecting to the GA API

Depending on some upcoming developments this step might be ignored The first step of this task will be to manage to establish the connection between the ZdS app and the GA API. This connection shall be done in a read-only mode. An authority member of the organisation will be giving an access-token to the student to access the data.

2. Basic data display

Depending on some upcoming development this step might be ignored

When the access to the API is working, it will be time to display the data. The student will have to use his creativity and knowledge in this area to provide a good and simple way to display the data in some dashboard in the turorial for the public access.

3. Data decoupling

This is one of the major steps of the project. In order to have some independance from the statistics provider, we want to decouple our statistics storage. This has further advantages:

  • Independance from the source ;
  • Avoiding to reach the API requests number limitation ;
  • Enable some data cross-analysis (see bullet #5).

This step will require some good thinking about data representation and storage to be as versatile as possible. Some load-test should also be considered.

4. Advanced data display

When the 3rd step is up and working, the display should be updated to be fed by it instead of being plugged straight to the GA API.

5.1. API

In order to open the data to the world, the current API of the ZdS app should be enhanced with this new set of information

5.2. Cross-analysis and "big-data analysis"

When all the datas is at hand in our own format, we can start cross-analyzing it with our own informations (author of a tutorial, other datas from the same author…).

6. Finetuning

During this last step, the student shall communicate with the community of the website should be lead to get feedback and improve the tools, either about visualization and/or the data provided.

Note: Step 5-x and 6 are optionnal and will be treated only if there is enough time, depending on the efficiency of the student.


Technical Background

Students that would be interested in this project should be comfortable with:

  • Python (the project is based on Django)
  • Database management and data representation
  • Knowledge of HTML and JavaScript


All the development should be properly documented, both functionaly and technicaly, in order to ensure the maintenance of the functionality.

For further information on this work (in french) please refer to this link:

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